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Information about PAR

Our association was founded in 1997. Above all else PAR joins together different municipalities – surrounding towns and villages and Prague districts — on the basis of a common interest related to the operation of Airport Prague. The airport greatly impacts the citizens in its proxim- ity, and this will continue to grow with the increase in air traffic in the future. Our objective is to minimalize the negative influences and optimalize the advantages. The cooperation with Central Bohemian Region, Prague, as a whole, and the town council of Prague 6 plays an important role in our activities. We are also a responsible and well-informed partner of the Airport, Ministery of Transport and Environment, and other competent authorities. Our membership in the Airport Region Conference (ARC) is vital for attaining useful information and methods for mediation. With regard to the present situation and the urban developement of our towns, villages, the Prague Airport and other airport infrastructure around Prague, we have prepared the following principal tasks to reach this objective.

  • To strengthen our role as a partner with the airport in the negotiation process about the inherent trends of developement.
  • To ensure a subsidiary program providing financial compensation for the negative impact of airport operation. To improve the legislative framework of this system, especially regarding to future changes in organisational structure and ownership of the airport and other subjects operating there.
  • To expand our cooperation with the Central Bohemian Region and Prague, the capital city, particularly in the fields of spatial developement, creation of the longterm conception of the airport infrastructure developement, and cooperation in the frame of the ARC. The goal is to join our region with some of the ARC projects.
  • Together with our partners, while also gaining knowledge from the other airport regions, we plan to set up an inquiry system for our citizens. This would present straightforward and up-to-date information about actual and future operations of the airport, activities of the Association and municipalities.
  • Our cooperation with the ARC and the Vienna Mediation Centre will help ensure a proper balance between confrontation and mediation among the airport, our Association PAR and other important regional stakeholders.